Yukari Mateos

In 2009, Yukari Mateos hired a couple trainers to finish her first marathon.  It was probably the most liberating experiences of her life. She has since finished four more.  More importantly, she overcame her personal challenges to her health and fitness through the support and discipline she received from her trainers.  Inspired by them, she dedicated herself to join them in their mission to bring health and fitness to people who were in the same place she was. In 2009, she became a certified personal trainer with Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and in 2012, she acquired her certificate as health counselor with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  In 2015, she became a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach.  She also belongs to the American Association of Drug-less Practitioners. Her workout program is goal oriented, custom made to her client’s fitness level yet interactive and fun.  It consists of circuit style of cardio, agility, plyometric, and resistance training.  She also supports, encourages, and advises her clients as to how to make correct nutritional decisions and help them develop healthy eating habits. She feels it is important to aid her client’s on their path to fitness by giving them support when they stumble and cheers when they succeed.  Everyone’s path is different and there will be challenges along every path.  Her goal is to design a plan that will allow her clients to achieve their best physical health and fitness which will inevitably lead to emotional fulfillment and spiritual growth.