Scott Ly

Scott Ly is a motivator, and a fitness enthusiast. Scott Ly was born in Houston, Texas, but is a Los Angelino by heart. Scott’s family emigrated from Vietnam during the war. One of four siblings, he was raised by Phat and Nancy Ly, in a loving family. It is worth mentioning that Scott’s great grandfather was a martial arts expert from China. Scott attended San Gabriel High School. Probably not the most academic scholar in his class, he would sneak out and head to the gym. A natural athlete, Scott exceled at sports: he was the captain of his basketball team, and because he loved contact sports, he decided to give wrestling a try. There he learned to hone his inner fire and physical strength to convert his aggression into advocacy. He also studied Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and inevitably was chosen to be the captain of his wrestling team. After high school, the police academy and working with jet planes, his love for cuisine brought him to embrace the antithesis of fighting—a world of wine and the culinary arts. While learning to become a chef, he mentored and coached middle school kids with an after-school program. As a Youth Mentor, he coached and inspired his students to persevere and dream big. Scott’s methods with the kids and staff soon grew notoriety to the point where 100’s of students and staff members would participate in his fitness classes. The organization Youth Policy Institute (YPI) soon realized what a commodity Scott was and asked him to lead all the fitness programs. Scott then took a position with the Carol White Foundation, and he delivered the same results; motivating students, staff and members of the community. While developing his skills with youth, Scott also worked with adult clients on intense weight loss schedules. Here, he realized that he would be able to make a significant impact working one-on-one with such clients to help them transform physically and mentally, while also encouraging their outlook on fitness and nutrition. His practice in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu and yoga helped him create a unique training style—pushed clients in all respects while maintaining focus, staying calm and tapping into their inner strength that they never knew they had. Philosophy: “You have the will, I have the way.”